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Structural Testing Update - 04/14/2014

The National Concrete Masonry Association (NCMA) has recently re-tested both the System 12 and System 8 individual block units. These new test results continue to show that different block plants that have manufactured Omni Block easily pass the ASTM C-140 test minimums and meet the ASTM C-90 test criteria. The pages are listed here but can also be found at on this site. Click page to enlarge then click again to zoom

Conventus Project – ... - 04/04/2014

The winter weather finally eased a bit which allowed Great Lakes Concrete Products to manufacture Omni Block for the Conventus project at 1001 Main Street, Buffalo, NY. In order to get the magnitude of the Conventus project please visit Denver Persinger, GM of Great Lakes commented that Omni Block ran the same as standard block. In order to keep costs in line, it is paramount to start at the production level. Persinger runs a Besser V312 machine and experienced no issues when he and his production crew ran Omni Block. The portion of the Conventus project that calls for Omni Block requires both the 8″ and 12″ models. Thomas Johnson is the mason and has just taken delivery of the Omni Block materials. Actual job site photos will be posted as they become available.  

Dwell Magazine – Sim... -

If you are into the clean lines of modernistic architecture, close to “net zero” energy strategies, and economical construction, then Simpatico Homes of northern California is right up your alley. Not that long ago, renown architect, Robert Swatt, a principal at Swatt|Miers 
Architects based in Emeryville, California contacted Denny Miller of Omni Block and began his extensive evaluation of Omni Block’s insulated concrete block system. Swatt’s goal was to have the lower portion built on-site and then install the modular second floor with pre-fab components. Simpatico, which is also run by architect Steven Stept of Swatt|Miers, places a strong emphasis on affordability, which, in the oft-pricey realm of prefab housing, is something they are able to achieve via the careful sourcing of materials. Homeowner, Seth Krubiner is shown relaxing in his modular home space. Notice the exposed natural beauty of Omni Block installed in a “stack bond” pattern. The mason nicely “tooled the joints” approximately 1″ deep to make the block pattern more pronounced. For the complete Dwell Magazine article and pictorial, please visit

Exposed Block - 02/23/2014

An Omni Block home in the Scottsdale area has recently been completed and photos taken. The “industrialized contemporary” architecture is exactly what the homeowners were looking for. The brashness of the block, inside and out, lends itself to a unique motif but also maintenance free finishes. The exterior was treated with a water soluble penetrating sealer. The interior hard surfaces are softened by furniture, area rugs and wall artwork. The metal barrel ceiling is insulated immediately above with a spray foam insulation. The walls can be left exposed and meet code with Omni Block’s interior cell insulation and off-set and constricted cross-webbing.

Independent Cost Estimator... - 02/10/2014

Jim Nuckolls with Construction Cost Systems, Houston, TX has evaluated Omni Block and compared its cost to other wall assemblies. Omni Block provides a superior wall, a more finished wall and is less money than other assemblies. Omni Block is typically $2 to $2.50 more than standard uninsulated CMU. Mr. Nuckolls’ estimate to furr and insulate a standard CMU wall is $4.29. Not only is it less money to use Omni Block but there is more useable space and interior durability. Please Double Click Letters Below

Exhibiting at the Builders... - 02/02/2014

Come see us at the International Builders Show in the South Hall booth S1126 February 4-6. We are unveiling our newest product line, Omni Brick. Omni Brick is a structural insulated stand alone building system that is superior to traditional wood frame brick veneer construction and can be built for less.

First Omni Block Project i... - 01/30/2014

Tim Capaldi of Capaldi Building in Birmingham, MI has started the first Omni Block project in Michigan. It is an addition to his own home. Tim looks to build other homes with Omni Block and wanted to get some hands on experience before he recommended it to his clients. As you can see below, he obviously works on his clients’ projects before his own. He will no doubt finish the addition this spring. Tim can be reached at 248-789-1359.    

Overview of Block Using Sk... - 09/10/2013

The use of Sketch Up to illustrate block walls help builders and masons visualize block bond, window and door locations, and electrical box and conduit placement. The illustration below (double click for enlarged view) is a Sketch Up file of a 4800 sq. ft. residence in Scottsdale that is currently under construction. The electrical box and conduit locations are clearly identified below (double click for an enlarged view). The color-coded boxes (green-interior, yellow-low voltage, and orange-exterior) provides the builder, mason, and homeowner a much better idea of where the electrical is to be placed. The illustration depicts a kitchen interior wall. The horizontal runs are 3/4″ PVC conduit. The lavender walls denote interior wood frame partition wall locations.  

Architect Weighs In - 08/10/2013

Antonino Donato AIA, LEED AP designed the Boston Seaport Self Storage with the Omni Block 12″ system. Please read what his experience was with Omni Block and the reasons why he selected Omni Block to complete the self storage project. Please Double Click Letter Below All block produced and supplied by Genest Concrete Works, Inc. Sanford, Maine.

Omni Brick Comes Alive!!! - 06/21/2013

Omni Block, a leader in insulating wall systems, has developed an insulated 8″ wide x 4″ tall x 16″ long (nominal dimensions) block. The new design was manufactured by Adams Products (an Oldcastle Company) in North Carolina on a new mold produced by Besser Company. Omni Block is marketing the 4″ tall (actually 3 5/8″) as Omni Brick. Omni Brick can be manufactured in many colors that very closely resemble clay brick. Omni Brick is designed with off-set and constricted cross webs with a middle lineal wall that further delays any heat transfer. It is insulated with the same type of EPS inserts as Omni Block, which protrude beyond the block both vertically and horizontally thereby insulating the whole wall not just individual blocks. It is this combination of thermal mass and insulation that provides for an energy efficient wall assembly. Now a building can have an exterior and interior “brick look” in one insulated wall. If the interior finish is to look like drywall, all that needs to be done is a coat of standard drywall compound troweled onto the block, textured the same as all other interior drywall, primed and painted. The photo below shows two colors; Richfield…