Omni Block Projects

There are over 800 Omni Block buildings in twelve states all around the U.S. Omni Block is well-suited for commercial, institutional, residential construction. The photographs below are intended to provide an overview of the design flexibility when using Omni Block.

Boston Seaport Self Storage

Layout 17 E Street 2Architect: Group One Partners, Inc.
21 West Third Street
Boston, MA 02127

Block supplied by Genest Concrete, Sanford, ME.

Modernist Architecture

An Eichler-inspired modular home in Emeryville, California. For the complete article in Dwell Magazine go to

The natural grey exposed “stack bond” block perfectly enhances the modernist architecture.

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Simpatico 2Simpatico Exposed Block

Zipperich Residence A Mediterranean style home built in 1994 that has remained as pristine as the day it was built. This photo was taken in 2008. The home has never been repainted. The homeowner selected Omni Block for its durability, the expectation of thermal efficiency (since it was the 3rd Omni Block home ever built) and its sound abatement properties. The home sits in Paradise Valley, Arizona at the corner of Lincoln and Tatum Streets, which is a heavily traveled intersection. The home has more than lived up to the homeowner’s expectations.

This home sits perched in Scottsdale, Arizona with a beautiful view of the City of Phoenix. It is built on land that was formerly part of Frank Lloyd Wright’s “Talesin West” property. Along with the magnificent views, also comes a total western exposure, which is never energy efficient in Arizona. In 1994 the homeowners approached a builder, who lived in a wood frame home situated down the street five or six lots, to build them their custom home. They actually wanted the builder’s floor plan and convinced him to build them the exact same floor plan in a different style. The home was built using Omni Block and to this day the Omni Block home that has the same square footage and the same exposure, the same windows and doors, the same HVAC system, and even the same builder. The Omni Block home consistently uses 40% LESS heating and cooling energy than the wood frame.

A more contemporary style home that incorporated indigenous stone accent elements into the architecture. Notice the “butt glaze” glass feature, which required a masonry lintel above. This home was built in 2002 by a builder that proved that Omni Block could be built for the same cost as 2×6 woodframing and stucco. Even though Omni Block was a little more than the woodframing, the reduction of HVAC tonnage in the Omni Block home resulted in enough savings to off-set the additional Omni Block cost. He was quoted as saying, “Where else can you have the Cadillac for the price of the Chevy.”