Quest Energy Reports a 68% Heating & Cooling Savings

Quest Energy Report

Quest Energy Group performed an energy analysis via computer modeling and simulation comparing Omni Block’s 8″ insulated concrete block to that of 12″ standard concrete block. The buildings used in the study were “big box” buildings in two climatic areas, Richmond, VA and Charlotte, NC. The study was performed at the request of a potential Omni Block distributor in North Carolina. As illustrated, the use of Omni Block does not help in reducing energy costs for lighting, equipment, ventilator, or hot water, but it reduced the annual heating and cooling costs in Richmond from $12,676 down to $3,984 (68%) and from $10,441 down to $3,261 (68%) in Charlotte. As energy costs increase, the savings are only going to increase.

Also worth noting, Omni Block’s first cost to construct versus 12″ standard block is about a $3 per wall square savings. A 100,000 square foot building has about 55,000 square feet of wall area which would yield a first cost construction savings of $165,000!