Ernest Maier runs Omni Block!

There is now Omni Block inventory on the east coast. Last week, Ernest Maier, located in Maryland ran Omni Block for an upcoming project but purposely ran over in order to have inventory on hand. Brendan Quinn, owner of Ernest Maier was very pleased at how the new Besser mold ran on his machine. “The lightweight or “Elite” design block broke at 1,500 psi after 7 days which means that they will easily meet 1,900 minimum psi from ASTM C-90 at 28 days,” commented Mr. Quinn. He then added, “Given the equivalent thickness of the units and the lightweight mix design, I expect a fire rating in excess of 3 hours, which will be fantastic.”

Mr. Quinn explained in an email to Omni Block, “Just as good as those results are, so are our test batches with the UL mix design. The 8″ Omni Block weighs only 25 lbs. At 28 days, we will test whether you can use a regular hammer and nail in furring strips. If so, we have a real winner for residential applications for both single family and multi-family. There will be shrinkage concerns on the units, but the idea that you can nail in furring strips will speed up construction. The fire rating and UL stamp on those units will give owners added value.”

It should be noted that furring strips and drywall are OPTIONAL and have been rarely used even though a skim-coat of drywall compound is applied over the block before a matching texture coat is applied to all interior partition walls as well as Omni Block exterior walls. But we are always looking for a better “accepted” method, so maybe Mr. Quinn is on to something…..