Gila Indian Reservation Low Income Homes

Omni Block was utilized for 13 low-income homes on the Gila Indian Reservation located southeast of Phoenix, Arizona. The 13 homes were completed in approximately 3 months, in record time, and under budget. The homes averaged 1100 square feet livable. A point worth noting, the mason contractor had never laid Omni Block previously to this project. Denny Miller had agreed to be at the job site when the first block was to be laid. He was notified when to be at the job site but when he showed up at the designated time, practically half of one of the first home was up 4 feet. This is worth noting because it is proof that the “learning curve” is negligible. Mr. Miller also reported that he has yet to hear from the general contractor on the project. This too indicates the ease of construction when using Omni Block.