Thermocouple Monitoring

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Omni Block Insulated Concrete Block Used In Single-Family Residence
Thermocouple Monitoring

Tempe, AZ – June 29, 2012 – Construction has begun on a custom single-family residence. The residence is two-stories with a basement below. The architect/builder is Tom Norris, who said, “This project has been six years in the making. Over this time the owner researched numerous construction components, various insulation strategies, HVAC systems, and green building techniques and determined that Omni Block was the best wall system for his residence”.

The owner, an electrical systems engineer, selected Omni Block as the wall structure and is going to implement precise thermocouple monitoring by placing thermocouples within the wall at various strategic locations (see detail below). The thermocouples measure the heat gain or loss across the block, from the exterior to the interior sides of the wall assembly. All exterior wall exposures will be included. The information will be collected, recorded and then distributed to their respective printed circuit boards, which are then directed to a central computerized monitoring platform. The information will then be monitored online. The customized printed circuitry will record the data 24/7.

“This information should prove invaluable, as it will facilitate the collection of substantially more accurate data than just a wall system’s overall R-value, which will allow HVAC mechanical engineers to more accurately size and zone future residential and commercial buildings when Omni Block is utilized,” stated Denny Miller, CEO of Omni Block.

“Mr. Miller added, Our goal is to present accurate information to the building industry. We are eager to see exactly how this process is implemented so that we can formulate a program and ultimately offer thermocouple monitoring as an economical option in all buildings and in all climactic zones.”