Omni Block is Now in México

Omni Block is now in Mérida, México (Yucatán)!!! The first project is a custom residence that is earmarked to be the first LEED Certified building in all of México. Omni Block is central to the LEED certification therefore the local newspaper printed a feature-story that included Omni Block and the residential project.

For more information and detailed renderings of the project please visit

The design and building team are picture below: Juan Santos (mason), Rodrigo Toussaint (construction manager), Antonio Morales (masonry contractor), Antonio Sosa (architectural assistant), and Juan Carlos Seijo (lead architect).

The block was manufactured by Mapsa, located in Mérida. It is a beautiful, light, and natural sandstone color.
aMM Team 1 copy

aNewspaper copy

Block in grass copy