The two tables above provide the *basic budgetary pricing for construction in the Phoenix metro area. The actual mason’s bid for any particular project will vary depending upon variables such as: location, size and scope, availability of labor and materials, etc.
*Basic means standard grey block used in a non-complex structure with wall heights not to exceed twelve feet.

Omni Block component pricing can vary from distributor-to-distributor due to several contributing factors. Omni Block has developed an easy-to-use accurate Bid Program that is in Excel and is available upon request.

The detailed cost table above illustrates individual line item pricing to derive price per square foot, which closely correlates with the 8″ budgetary pricing above. This information was independently supplied by a masonry contractor in Florida.

The Fire Safety Cost Comparison Brochure  is a comprehensive analysis comparing popular construction materials and labor for high-rise buildings. The analysis was performed by Haas Architects Engineers in Pennsylvania and sponsored by several non-profit associations that mostly are concerned with occupant safety during a fire.

The analysis was completed in 2006 and the results at that time showed that standard concrete block construction was no more than 5% above wood frame construction with comparable finishes. Since 2006, building codes have steadily increased the structural and energy performance requirements of all building types. These increases have only marginally affected the costs of masonry construction but have greatly caused wood frame costs to increase substantially.

Omni Block construction costs approximately 15% LESS (see below) than standard concrete block, furred-out, insulated and sheetrocked. While the R-Value of Omni Block is approximately 25% MORE than the CMU wall assembly. The resource for the table below is from a national construction management firm. Note that in some regions the Omni Block individual block price may be higher than this illustration, but then too, the price of standard block would be higher as well. In addition to costing less, the elimination of the furring and sheetrock provides additional livable square footage.