Self-Storage Facility  –  Boston, Massachusetts

Architect: Group One Partners, Inc.
21 West Third Street
Boston, MA 02127

Please see project summary letter below.

The beautiful Boston Seaport Self Storage building on E Street was built using the Omni System 12 in a burnished finish. The photo above shows the block coming off the “wet grind” machine that effectively polishes the block to expose the aggregate that is contained within the block.

Omni Block produced and supplied by Genest Concrete, Sanford, ME.

The architect used a combination of exposed block and steel framing covered with an exterior insulation finish system (EIFS). The two elements provide a pleasing contrast and architectural depth.

The west wall is a 50’0″ tall wall erected exclusively of Omni Block.

Omni Block is a structural block and is routinely combined with other standard masonry units where they are required. Notice the “solid bottom bond beam” block used in the first course above the oversized door opening. This block and one, possibly two courses above the opening are grouted with horizontal rebar contained within the block and grout creating a masonry lintel.