The placement of vertical rebar is critical to any concrete block project. Since Omni Block is an insulated system that provides unsurpassed thermal efficiency the insulation inserts need to be installed in all un-grouted cells.

To view a comprehensive detailed sample layout with block and specific rebar placement click on SHOP DRAWING.

Structural engineering always “trumps” insulation, but hopefully structural engineers keep the rebar and grout to a minimum without sacrificing structural strength. All Omni Block buildings are individually engineered and the vertical frequency varies depending upon many structural considerations. One rebar every 48″ vertically and the use of standard ladder rod in lieu of horizontal bond beams provides the most ideal situation.

It should be noted that at every corner and at every window and door jamb there is an 8″ cell that is fully grouted with the appropriate rebar. Once those are placed then the interior 6″ cells are determined and are fully grouted with rebar.