Omni Brick (Half High Block)

Please note: not all block plants that produce Omni Brick can supply the clay brick look as shown above. Please consult with your Omni Block representative for details and availability.

The Omni Brick units are nominal 8″ wide x 4″ high x 16″ long (see below actual 7 5/8″ x 3 5/8″ x 15 5/8″). The brick above are ground face (sometimes called honed or burnished) units exposing the aggregates.

This “brick look” can be left exposed on the interior as well as the exterior without requiring any additional finishing. As is the case with Omni Block, if a drywall finish is desirable then all that needs to be done to achieve this finish is a skim-coat application of drywall compound, a texture-coat and then primed and painted the very same as drywall.

Omni Brick has the same combination of thermal mass and insulation qualities of Omni Block.

View the installation of inserts at this link.

This Omni Brick display wall consisted of cement block to look like clay brick was produced in North Carolina and shows the very thin skim-coat of drywall compound that is capable of matching any interior drywall finish.

The wall also shows that both high and low voltage electrical boxes are contained within the wall and that the attached conduit can be run vertically as well as horizontally.

The display also illustrates how the insulation inserts overlap from block to block within the wall assembly.

Wall art, mirrors, and this clock can be hung anywhere on the wall (do not need to find a stud) by drilling a 3/32″ hole to accommodate a Tapcon screw (available at all hardware stores).

Two layers of insulation with 3 layers of mass are shown above. The structural engineer has called for a vertical rebar every 4′ which is where an insert is left out of the wall so those cells can eventually be grouted. All ungrouted cells receive insulation inserts.

Shown at right is stack bond with the electrical box installed flush with the face of the block. The electrical box can be located anywhere horizontally along the wall and is at the standard height 0f 16″.