Notice how close the new Omni Block walls are to the other building. Omni Block’s 2.7 hour fire rating for the 8″ system (4.0 hours for the 12″ system) allowed the builder to increase the size of the building. If the building could not have been built next to the older building the project would not have “penciled” to be profitable.

Builders in Brooklyn and other boroughs have now built with Omni Block. On a 30′ x 80′ building that is 7 stories high, Omni Block saved them approximately 74 square feet of livable space per floor due to no furring, additional wall insulation and exterior wall sheetrock. At a market value of $1,100 a square foot, that is over $80,000 of additional revenue per floor.

The use of Omni Block also saved about $12,000 in construction costs per floor.

Total increased value proposition was $644,000 using Omni Block instead of conventional CMU.

The block was installed in a stack bond pattern and then painted. The photo at left was taken while the building was still under construction.