About Us

Denny Miller – President and CEO

Denny has a passion to create, continually improve, and basically “do the right thing”. He believes the masonry industry has a bright future and that Omni Block will play a significant role in that future. In the past, building codes have unintentionally favored lightweight construction but the newer codes are gradually reducing this favoritism and has opened the door for better, more advanced building systems, which includes Omni Block.

Denny grew up in a small Iowa town, played college baseball at Arizona State University, then finished his playing days in the San Francisco Giant’s baseball organization. Soon thereafter, he found himself trading 30-year United States Treasury Bonds for himself on the trading floor of Chicago Board of Trade. After more than a decade of successful, but stressful, trading, Denny found himself involved in masonry construction in Arizona. Lumber pricing was volatile and steadily climbing, while the quality was diminishing. Denny felt that the future of construction was going to be with a superior building material and concrete block was that material. He started designing a product that could be easily manufactured, installed, engineered, but would not limit the creative and ingenious designs from architectural professionals. Obviously, another required component was the energy efficiency of the product. After numerous attempts, Omni Block was invented.

Denny has served as the Residential Committee chairperson of the Arizona Masonry Guild, a non-profit association. Denny also volunteered his time and originally authored the City of Scottsdale’s Green Building Program in 1996, still in use today. Green building is now commonplace and most codes include a green building element, but back in 1996, green building was very new. Denny pioneered green building in Scottsdale and the surrounding Phoenix metro area.

Although there is no “perfect” building system, Denny believes that Omni Block is a superior solution when all aspects of what a building system should provide are considered. Omni block is completely structural, easy-to-install, does not limit design, is energy efficient, and reduces the amount of building materials that other systems still require. The most sustainable approach is to limit material usage, so if you can eliminate the use of many materials, you accomplish two things, sustainability, and cost reduction. You can routinely hear Denny refer to Omni Block as a high-tech product in an earthy sort of way.

In 2015 Omni Block will expand into the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico. The first LEED certified private residence is start in early January. Denny will be there supervising and demonstrating how Omni Block is installed but also how the use of Omni Block technology will change the way residential buildings are constructed, more efficiently, using less materials and less time.

The core ideas of Omni Block are consistent with those of Indian Chief Seattle, who once said “We did not inherit the earth from our forefathers. We are borrowing it from our children.”

Ed Weinmann
Vice President of Operations

Detail minded and tenacious with zero tolerance for failure. Ed joined Omni Block in 2006 and is headquartered in Baltimore. His years of experience in developing businesses are serving Omni Block well, as we seek to expand our distribution network to cover the U.S. by the end of 2015.

Brett Grier PhotoBrett Grier
Texas Regional Director