Superfloor is a galvanized joist with poured lightweight concrete flooring system that economically works extremely well with Omni Block for many reasons. Superfloor can span up to 30′. For more information

The graphic above illustrates an Omni Block wall with Superfloor. The Superfloor shoe bears on an Omni Block stretcher block that has had the interior face removed 4″ down from the top of the block. Vertical rebar extends within the designated grout cells and a 90° rebar located within those same vertical cells protruding horizontally into the future 4″ concrete slab. The stretcher block also acts as the “form” for the concrete pour saving a great deal of time and materials by deleting additional form work. This technique also allows for a harmonious block exterior rather than a concrete “band” around the entire perimeter of the building.

The photo at left shows a creative method of a stamped woodgrain appearance on the underside of the concrete pour. This was achieved by placing woodgrain vinyl on top of the sheets of plywood before the concrete pour. They are in the process of removing the vinyl exposing the woodgrain underside.