12″ Corner Construction

Smooth or Burnished Applications

The 12″ Omni corner is constructed with a combination of 12″ stretcher block and 8″ corner block (right and left alternating each course). The Omni 8″ corner is used to maintain block bond. A 3 7/8″ wide x 7 5/8″ tall face shell spacer is used to complete the inside corner.

The illustrations show a 24″ on center (maximum) vertical rebar placement.

Split Face Applications

Omni Block currently does not manufacture an Omni corner split one side one end. Split face applications require the use of a standard CMU split one side one end. Ideally, the remaining ungrouted adjacent cell is filled with two short Omni Block inserts placed perpendicularly in the cell.

The 12″ Omni project at left shows a left corner (top) adjoining 12″ stretcher block. The interior spacer has not been installed.

12″ Corner – First Course 

12″ Corner – Second Course