Chileno Bay Baja is a renown Discovery project. Discovery projects are upscale residential neighborhood developments and this one is on the beaches of the Sea of Cortez.

These photos are followed by a few construction shots that are quite enlightening and reveal some of the early construction methods of this market that have now evolved into a more efficient methodology.

Thankfully the owner has graciously allowed for these photos to not only be taken of his residence, but published on this site as well.

Construction was completed on time October 31, 2021. There was concern that learning a new product would slow construction but Omni Block proved to be a faster installation process.

Block Construction

This was the first Omni Block home built in the Cabo region. Notice the 1000’s of meters of rebar behind the Omni Block wall. The rebar requirement has been cut in almost half for homes currently under construction in the Baja. For those that are detail oriented, what is wrong with the construction depicted in both of these photos? Notice the #3 horizontal rebar that is laying on top of the block, basically doing absolutely nothing structural. This has been changed and ladder wire is not being installed every other course.

The photo above shows the abundance of rebar that will eventually be embedded in grout (similar to concrete). The rebar appears to be excessive to even the layperson. Compare that rebar to that of the rebar used in the Omni Block wall to the right. The rebar requirement in the Omni Block is structurally sound and is consistent with the highest requirements in residential construction.

The rebar savings alone offsets the cost of the insulation shown below.