Color and Finishes

Concrete block is made with indigenous aggregates of various textures and colors that are locally or regionally quarried. In many situations these variances cause slight changes in hues in standard finishes and when exposed as in the case of split face or ground face the aggregates can be quite different.

The nuances of color are typically very important, therefore actual samples of specific colors / finishes manufactured by a local block plant should be viewed before an order is placed.

The website links below list manufactures colors and available finishes. These are examples of block colors and finish options. Many block plants can closely match many of the color options that are shown on these websites.

Cind-r-lite Block (Las Vegas, NV)

Westbrook Block (Westbrook, CT)

White Block (Spokane, WA)

Consumers Concrete (Wyoming, MI)

Texas Building Products (Strawn, TX)