Residential Industrial Architecture  –  Scottsdale, Arizona

The combination of exposed wood at ledger, truss, interior wall locations and exposed Omni Block provide a beautiful industrial look.

Architect: Tom Norris owner of Norris Architects
Scottsdale, AZ 480-734-7711

The Omni Block job site looks the same as any other block job site. These masons are preparing to start the second floor.

The second floor is nearly complete and the glass block is installed, window openings defined, and the ledger bolts grouted solidly within the bond beam block.

A typical ledger is securely bolted to the block wall. The framer can now hang the second floor joists onto the ledger.

The top-of-wall course requires that the interior cell that normally contains an insulation insert is left void, which allows horizontal rebar to be placed continuously around the structure and then grouted solid. There is still a layer of insulation protecting the interior conditioned space.

A section of wall that is at a door jamb and contains an electrical outlet with a vertical conduit application.