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Typical full truck load (13 to 14 pallets of block and insulation inserts) with forklift arriving at an Omni Block job site is shown to the left. The job site must be cleared so that block and inserts can be delivered.

Many companies will place pallets of block around the perimeter or on the slab, whichever is preferred.

Stocking Block

All masons know that proper block supply coordination and block location are essential to an efficient job site. Stocking Omni Block perpendicular to the wall that is to be erected is done the same as standard CMU, with one noted exception, that the exterior side of the block is always the same within the stack.

Notice in the photos that all of the block are stacked uniformly with the exterior sides of the block consistently placed. This allows the mason to pick up the block the same way every time, apply mortar on the head joints, and place the block in a bed of mortar.

At each corner of the building and on each side of every opening, Left Corner block and Right Corner block are placed adjacent to the Stretcher block. Openings also require half block to be stocked as well. Masons prefer to have the block supply stocked 5 or 6 block wide perpendicular to the ‘working wall’. Proper stocking of block would permit room between stacks to place a mortar board.

This wall is actually straight (not curvilinear); shows the uniformity of the block and the stack locations in proximity to the ‘working wall’.