Drawings and Engineering – Al Tahaluf – Ministry of Housing – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

The information and links below pertain to the villa that is constructed per the Ministry of Housing of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The villa’s builder is Al Tahaluf Real Estate and Development which is a joint venture of U.S. Based K.Hovanian, a NYSE Fortune 500 company and the 9th largest residential builder in the U.S., and the Hamad Bin Saeden family.

The link MOH Drawings 2.9.0 are the Omni Block detailed drawings from the foundation to the first floor (second-story) block top-out which is 36 courses of block. The drawings show each individual block unit and where it is to be used. The drawings also show where the rebar and grout (integrated columns) are located in the wall per reinforced masonry structural engineering.
The drawings also show each mechanical, electrical and plumbing embed within the wall. Sleeves for exterior vents, electrical box and conduit locations, and water and sewer pipe locations are identified on the plan as well.

The link MOH Engineering 2.9.0 are the individual “stamped” engineering details for the villa. They include the foundation and footing details, the stem wall and wall details, rebar and grout schedules, bond beam locations, and the Hambro steel truss-to-block details. The complete engineering calculations from AZ Structural in Phoenix, Arizona are at MOH Engineering Calculations 2.9.0.

The Hambo D500 Composite floor system https://www.canam-construction.com/en/construction-products/composite-floor-system/ was used in the villa’s first floor and rooftop. The stamped engineering using tested tables is at MOH Hambro Engineering 2.9.0 which also shows the location where the trusses are to be set on the load bearing bond beam of the engineered Omni Block wall.

The concrete staircase design details per structural engineering at MOH Staircase 2.9.0. The builder wanted a precise design with the proper reinforcement because he felt that in many cases too much steel was being used due to contractor uncertainties. Now there is engineered protocol that efficiently allows the subcontractor to construct an engineered staircase.