Environmentally Friendly Aspects

Omni Block utilizes locally quarried, abundant, readily available, indigenous raw materials with low embodied energy counts during the manufacture of the block units.

The Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) inserts are made of UL Listed non-toxic, chemically stable, CFC-free, VOC-free, and have an extremely low flame-spread. See Testing for detailed laboratory results.

Omni Block is a thermally efficient “whole wall” because it combines R-Value, the effects of thermal mass, thermal lag, thermal damping, and air-tightness, which result in a passive solar technology.

Life cycle analysis results, performed by Dow Chemical on Omni Block, are “off the chart” according to James Hoffman, Senior Vice-President, Dow Chemical Corporation, Houston, Texas.

All block and insert material are 100% recyclable.

There is zero Formaldehyde content in any component of Omni Block.

The Omni Block insulated wall system requires a minimum of other materials (furring, batt or spray foam insulation, drywall, glue, nails, screws, and vapor barrier plastic) and labor to install these other materials because it is a “stand alone” wall or what is known in the industry as a single-wythe wall.

The use of wood anywhere in the Omni Block wall assembly during construction or the final result is not practical, cost effective, nor of any benefit.

Omni Block is a green building product and qualifies for LEED credits. Omni Block has been used in several LEED certified buildings, including two that are Platinum.