Termite and Other Pest Resistance

Termites do not eat or damage masonry. Termites can and will totally destroy the structural stability of a wood frame building if undetected. The costs associated due to termite damage vary depending upon the severity of the problem but can be staggering. This is just one of the reasons that commercial and institutional long-term buildings are constructed out of masonry.

Unsightly Weep Screeds

Weep screeds (the 4″ to 6″ concrete stem reveal above the ground) are usually required by code for all wood construction but are not required or necessary for the Omni Block Insulated Concrete Block system. Codes usually require weep screeds because they allow for the easy detection where termites usually enter a structure. Termites are extremely prevalent in many areas of the country. Historically, chemical treatment has kept termites under control but there are new strains of termites that are immune to the chemicals that are allowed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

The requirement of weep screeds cause a protrusion of foam and stucco, usually 2″ out from the stem wall. Under this protrusion becomes an excellent nesting area for a variety of insects and spiders. Eliminating this nesting area greatly reduces the potential for pest infiltration.