Where can I find block colors and finish options?

Omni Block is produced all across the continental United States, Canada and Mexico. Each block plant uses locally quarried aggregate as part of its “mix design” when manufacturing block. Locally quarried aggregate and color tints greatly affect the end result of the potential block color. Because of this, the Omni Block website cannot begin to accurately show all of the block plant’s color options. Please consult your local or regional block plant for color options.

Each block plant also has finish options that they produce. Not all block plants produce all available block finish options. Please consult your local or regional block plant for finish options.

There are three Omni Block producers that have exceptional color and finish options. Each can provide color palette and finish options that local or regional block plants can possibly match or offer. The possible options can be found at any of these links; Westbrook Block, Consumers Concrete or Cind-r-lite Block.

Please understand that not every color offered by these two producers will be exactly available from your local or regional block plant. If color is paramount to the project and cannot be produced by your local block plant, it can be manufactured at either of these producers and shipped to your location.