Will the interior of the Omni Block walls look like the rest of my walls?

The simple answer… ABSOLUTELY!

There have been 1000’s of Omni Block homes built over the years and everyone of them that used a drywall compound “skim-coat” process exactly matched the other interior partition drywall walls. The only way to really tell is to knock on the walls and hear and feel the difference between the two.

Please visit this link to see how the skim-coat process is done.

The process is an easy one that many make out to be hard. This is the case many times when subcontractors have not done the work before. The skim-coat gets the wall to the appearance of taped drywall. Then whatever finish (knockdown, skip trowel, orange peel or even smooth) that is applied to the drywall walls is also applied to the skim-coat walls. Both are then primed and painted and will look exactly the same.