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All window and door jambs are solid grouted exactly the same as if Standard CMU were used. Therefore, standard masonry window and door installation techniques should be followed per local code and/or regional geographic area protocol.

The photos show the aesthetic similarities between Omni Block and standard CMU. Omni Block appears to look exactly like standard CMU as the mason lays up the wall.. Even glass block is installed into Omni Bock the same as it would be if the building were standard CMU.

Fiberglass, vinyl or metal framed windows are installed by first removing any flanges or fins from the window. The use of Tapcon masonry screws are recommended (after corresponding holes are drilled into the jamb block) to mount the window into opening as shown.

The graphic at right illustrates the recommended use of backer rod (1). Backer rod is circular and comes in rolls. It is designed to flatten as needed to seal the window into the rough opening. Make sure to shim under the bottom of the windows until the window abuts the underside of the lintel (crossover).

Installation for Stucco Application

When using an exterior stucco, keep the window off the sill to allow for the bituthene (2) to wrap slightly into and under the window shims on both sides and bottom. Bituthene is a rubberized pliable self adhesive sheet that is self-healing should a small hole develop.  Tip: first place a piece of bituthene that is a couple of inches larger than the shims under the shims so that the final larger bituthene wrap will adhere to the smaller pieces. The bituthene only needs to wrap from under the window edges to 2″ over the edge and down the face of the block.

Using diamond mesh (3) wrap over the bituthene. The window/door is water protected and sealed, ready for stucco. Standard diamond mesh installation procedures should be followed by the stucco contractor. The stucco contractor should pay extra attention and slightly slope the sill area of the window away from the window.