How to build your own home interview

Please see this link for the full interview with YouTube host Keith Kelsch.

“Walks the Walk”

Keith built an 1800 sq ft addition to his 1800 sq ft existing “pioneer” home over 5 years ago in St. George, Utah. He has been recommending Omni Block ever since.

The back story

Keith researched a number of building materials and before he selected Omni Block for his addition he invited Denny Miller, president of Omni Block to visit him and his wife at their soon to be remodeled home. While sitting in the kitchen discussing the upcoming remodel, the air conditioner came on and soon it was uncomfortable because there was too much air blowing out of the kitchen’s duct vent.

Denny could not help but notice this and asked, “How much tonnage does the house have.”

Keith responded that he was not sure but we certainly have a lot of air here and it is like this in all of the rooms of the house.

Understanding that the planned addition was going to be immediately adjacent the kitchen, Denny suggested to re-route additional HVAC duct work from the main system to heat and cool the new addition. Ultimately this is what Keith did.

A couple of years later, Keith and his family have lived in the now 3600 sq ft home and Keith reports that his utility bills are the same before the addition was built using Omni Block. They all claim that the Omni Block addition is significantly more comfortable than the original living space.

The Omni Block performance contributes to Keith’s recommendation to others to use the product. He will also tell you that Omni Block has “first cost” advantages over wood construction, designers/architects can easily design with it, structural engineers design as though it were standard CMU, and masons lay up the block the same as standard CMU. He found Omni Block to be “mainstream”.